Stepping Off the Edge

Stepping Off the Edge


For my whole working career I have hunted for my ‘thing’. I’ve beeped groceries, I’ve sold shoes, I’ve entered so much data, I’ve worked reception, I’ve done customer service, I’ve done corporate account coordination and business development, I’ve even been an Immigration Consultant. But after working all of those jobs, I came back to one common factor. None of them were my ‘thing’.

As an idealistic teenager, I embarked on a 5 year Univeristy career in English Literature and writing. At the end of the 5 years when I walked away with my Masters degree, I had absolutely no practical way to apply it to my life. So I flitted around in the Corporate world trying to find my calling.

About 18 months ago I tackled the small business market. I purchased a license to run my own business and thought I had found my joy. While I love the work, it’s also not my ‘thing’ because I am still selling someone else’s product. It’s not my brain child.

What am I going to do about it?

One day, tired of being down about work, I sat down and thought really hard about my situation. I came up with the following points:

  1. I love words and writing
  2. I want to have a flexible working environment to be able to dedicate time to my young family
  3. I want to do something I love

So, I bit the bullet and signed up for an online copywriting course. It’s the perfect direction for me as I would be writing for a living and I can work around my family commitments. I also get to help people to do what they love.

The Biggest Challenges

  1. The Fear: Gosh how the fear haunts me! I know I have very strong writing skills, but will people trust me with promoting their business? Will I fond the right words when I am writing for a living? I will only be relying on myself and my skills, it’s a scary thought!
  2. Releasing myself from the day to day: The two businesses I own take a lot of my time already. I need to seriously prioritise what I do and when I do it to ensure I have the time to complete my studies and begin to build this exciting new venture.
  3. I am stuck in a rut: I need to take that giant leap and pull myself out of the rut that I am in. I have become used to the daily grind and I am out of practice with studying. I need to light a fire underneath myself and pull finger!

Going Forward

I am so excited about this blog challenge. I can’t wait to find my new direction, set my compass to it and get going!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1


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