My Super Powers

When I sat down to think about my super powers I started to get really excited. All the super powers that I came up with reinforced I have made the right choice for my business. Word Power! I have word power. I can write myself out of any tough situation. I have always been able … Continue reading My Super Powers


My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day would begin waking up in my snuggly bed with hubby on one side and my daughter on the other (she would have snuck into my bed at 6am just for a snuggle before getting up). My daughter and I would make pikelets for us all to enjoy together for breakfast. We would … Continue reading My Perfect Day

Why I Want to Live the Freedom Lifestyle

I covet a freedom lifestyle. I would absolutely love it! To not be constantly chasing work, managing a diary of appointments and stressing out when unexpected things come up. My big why is my family. I currently feel like I wear two hats and both roles vie for the most attention. It is a fine … Continue reading Why I Want to Live the Freedom Lifestyle


Stepping Off the Edge

Stepping Off the Edge For my whole working career I have hunted for my 'thing'. I've beeped groceries, I've sold shoes, I've entered so much data, I've worked reception, I've done customer service, I've done corporate account coordination and business development, I've even been an Immigration Consultant. But after working all of those jobs, I … Continue reading Stepping Off the Edge